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3 Sculptures by Suzanne Eller in "Animalia" At Healdsburg Center for the Arts

It is with excitement and gratitude that I share this news that 3 of my pieces are currently on display at the Animalia art exhibit at the Healdsburg Center for the Arts in Healdsburg California. The opening reception was held on March 2 2019. Although I was unable to attend the opening gala due to the distance from home, from all reports, I hear that it's been a great success so far. The pieces that are in the show are 3 of my smaller works, "Shoe-Fly," "Happy Grasshopper" and "Seeing Red." The show runs until April 14th so if you are in the area, it's not too late to see it. For a link to the brochure of the artist catalogue go to the gallery's website.

The brochure exhibiting the works of all of the artists describes Animalia this way, "The word “Animalia” evokes images of all animals; birds, bugs, reptiles, furry friends and pets, fish and fowl. It brings to mind all the wild and wonderful ways that “Animalia” have been an integral and essential part our human experience....archetypal animals, totemic animals, whimsical and sacred, silly and wise. Since the beginning humans have depended on animals for survival but have also relied on and trusted them as muses, guides and teachers. They endlessly inspire us with their beauty and teach us about how to be in this world.

Pictured above is a photo of one of the display windows of the gallery, showcasing two of my pieces, "Shoe-Fly" to the left and "Happy Grasshopper" on the right.

To the left is a photo showing "Seeing Red" displayed right in front of one of the most stunning pieces of the show, Loxodonta daliensis by artist, Adon Valenziano.

Seeing Red

An added perk is that animals will benefit from this show! Some of the proceeds of the show go to help animals in need so that makes it even more special! The gallery is partnering with two local organizations who specialize in animal care and preservation. A portion of the proceeds from all of the art sales in Animalia will be donated to the buyers choice: Humane Society of Sonoma County and/or Safari West Foundation.

This is a wonderful show with some truly amazing high quality art so I encourage you to check out the website or visit them on Facebook .

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