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Tied Down

I am sure I am not alone in feeling that sometimes the wild side of myself is too tied down for my own good. Ironically the impetus for my new piece was actually derived from a weekend trip to the ocean where I was free of my workday concerns and was where the wild things are. On my journey I ran across this amazing piece of bark that looks to me like a wolf head in profile.

The piece was just waiting for me to find it ~ who knows how long is was there beside the tree from which it came but luckily I happened upon it and knew exactly what I would do with it. Some of my best work seems to stem from the juxtaposition of found objects in nature and found objects from peoples' rusty past.

I am still working on a bit more adornment of my piece with some feminine touches of beads and textiles but as it sits now, entwined in what looks like a leg-hold trap, I think it is a bit thought-provoking. If you are curious you can check back here in a couple of weeks to see how it all turns out.

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