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Inspirational Beach Walk

A couple of weeks ago it was one of those crisp clear Northwest winter days that just was begging to be explored. I put down my computer and decided to go on an inspirational beach walk adventure. There is something about walking along the beaches of the Pacific Northwest that calls to my soul. I am totally immersed in the moment, taking in the scenery and feeling the fresh air. The beach on my walk for this adventure is the one where the Elwha river meets the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

This amazing beach is now being transformed by

the unleashed Elwha river as it recovers now that the dams have been removed. I am often asked what inspires my art. One huge source of inspiration is these rocky beach walks. Watching bald eagles soar overhead, seagulls fishing and even the occasional offshore whale or seal reminds me of how important it is not to lose touch with the natural world. Sometimes I use the walks to beach comb if it is not prohibited.

Today's walk was not for gathering driftwood and sea glass but rather a chance to view beach objects and derive inspiration from them. Lucky I was not disappointed. I found some very interesting things on this visit; a large old spool that used to hold electric wire (you know the kind that you can make tables from), a huge board with old rusty nails in it, an amazing "beach house" made of driftwood, and even a woman doing yoga off in the distance at the edge of the sea. This was a 2 hour break from my day where I was invigorated and restored and ready to go home to work on my next piece. The gallery of photos here is what I found on this day.

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